Saturday, 12 January 2013

My work in progress

Well today after lots of overnight rain it finally cleared long enough for me to pop outside and replant another lot of lettuce plants and some more impatiens. I have added some photos of my garden below which gives you an idea of the sort of landscape I am working on. It is still a work in progress as we only moved in to our new home just over one and a half years ago and are adding our touches. My husband and I got married here at home February 11th 2012 so our first wedding anniversary is nearly here and as we both love motorbike riding (me being the pillion passenger). My husbands motorcycle blog is here  we are off on a trip of the South Island for two weeks to celebrate our happiness together along with a very dear friend from the UK. All very exciting.


  1. Great work in the garden babe :)

  2. Do those huge wildfires in Australia send smoke your way? Or does the prevailing wind blow away from NZ?

  3. Smoke has in other years come the way of NZ but we are fortunate not to have had any from the latest wildfires.